Questions and Answers

Sniffing out missing pets is a complex business. Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Q: Does registration with Inspector Spot replace microchipping?

A:  No!  Inspector Spot helps to find lost pets, but microchips are used to identify who they are when they’re found.  It’s important to microchip your pets and ensure your details are kept up to date with the microchip registry.

Q: If I register my dog with Inspector Spot, do I have to register them with the Council?

A:  Yes!  Your dog must be registered with your local council.  Inspector Spot will help to find your dog if they get lost, but your dog’s council tag will help us to identify them when they’re picked up.

Q: Do I have to register my pets with Inspector Spot before they go missing?

A:  Yes, we strongly recommend registering your pets with Spot before they go missing, just as you do with the council and microchip registries.  This is important, as Spot requires a good amount of information to successfully hunt out your missing pet.  Good information is very difficult to pull together when you’re panicking that a treasured family pet has run away.

Q: If I haven't registered my pets with Inspector Spot, can I still send out a Lost Pet Alert?

A:  We strongly recommend registering with Spot before your pet goes wandering.  But if you get caught out, and need to send out a Lost Pet Alert we can do this for you at a fixed fee of $95.00.  This fee includes your next year’s registration with Spot, so you will not get caught out again.

Q: I've found a pet. Does it cost me to send out a Found Pet Alert?

A:  No!  You’ve done a great job picking up that lost critter, so we’ll advertise them completely free of charge.

Q: Do you have real live Pet Detectives searching for lost pets?

A:  Inspector Spot is a virtual pet detection service, so we do not have real live humans racing across New Zealand 24/7.  Instead, we get other Kiwis on the lookout for your lost pet as they go about their home and work lives.  The more eyes we have looking, the faster we can find every pet that goes wandering.

Q: So if you don't have real live Pet Detectives, how do you work?

A:  Inspector Spot launches a big advertising campaign, to tell as many people as possible to keep an eye out for your pet.  First, he helps you by preparing professionally designed lost or found posters, for you to staple to lamp posts and deliver to your neighbours. He sends out a regional alert to all his friends on facebook, he tells his friends on twitter, and he tells his friends in the pet industry.  This includes vets, pet stores, breeders, rescue groups and other pet lovers living in your area.  Then, he checks his database every day to see if a pet matching your description has been found.  He sends you an alert every time a potential match is identified.

Q: How quickly is my Lost or Found Pet Alert sent out?

A:  We send your Alert out as soon as you press “Go”.  Your posters will be sent to you via email straight away, and your alert will go out to Spot’s partners straight away.

Q: How many people will receive my Lost or Found Pet Alert?

A:  The number of people who receive your Alert will vary from region to region depending on the time of day, the number of people who are online, and the number of people who have signed up to receive Pet Alerts.  This varies wildly so it is difficult to tell you exactly how many people will be looking out for your pet.

Q: Do only those people who "Like" Inspector Spot's facebook page or follow him on twitter receive your Pet Alerts?

A:  No.  We reach an enormous number of people over and above those who are registered with us on facebook and on twitter.  We utilise several promotional tools to ensure each Alert goes out to a much larger number of people than are registered with us.

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