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Inspector Spot is not just another lost and found site. We are US Certified Pet Detectives that actively reunite lost pets with their families. We are trained by a former US Police Detective and reunite lost pets using the search strategies and forensic techniques developed by US Police Agencies to find missing persons. We have the most advanced system for reuniting lost pets with their families anywhere in the world.

If You Have Found a Pet, We Can Help You Find Their Family for FREE

1. Professionally Designed “Found” Posters

They’re old school, but “Found” pet posters really do work. So, we will email you a personalised “Found” poster straight away, along with instructions on what to do with it. Your personalised poster includes a photograph and description of the pet you have found, plus your contact details. These are really important, as many pets turn up very close to where they went missing. We recommend you pop these posters in your neighbours’ letterboxes and post them on lamp posts in your neighbourhood.

2. Automatic “Found” Poster Distribution

We send copies of your Found Poster to animal lovers in your area straight away. That includes rescue groups, vets, pet stores, breeders – pretty much any crazy cat lady that can help us find your pet as quickly as possible. This is important because the more people that know you have found a pet, the greater chance we have of someone identifying them.

We do not make unsolicited phone calls to people when a pet is found. Why? Our research shows that these phone calls are of limited value. People need to SEE what a pet looks like. And unsolicited phone calls are poorly received by the majority of people – that’s why the Do Not Call Register exists.

3. Social Media Alert

Most pets are NOT reunited through social media but we send their details out to the virtual world just in case. And while it’s not the #1 technique we use, it has been the key to uniting some pets with their humans. We have even used this process to locate a motorcyclist who was involved in an accident with a missing dog, and worked with the Police to ensure both were safe and well

4. Google-Optimised Online Listing

Every “Found” pet that we work with is given a unique, google optimized listing on inspectorspot.co.nz. Every one of our found pet listings is optimized so that Google can locate that listing. We have had GREAT success in reuniting found pets with their owners through this system. For example, one little lost cat was safely returned home after three months. He eventually turned up on someone’s doorstep. He was still wearing his collar, but the number on the back wasn’t working. The person who found him typed “black cat”, the suburb and the name from his tag into Google, and our Google-optimized system took them straight to his Lost Pet Alert. Our listing system enabled them to send a private message straight to his owner and to Spot HQ and this little guy was reunited with his family just a few hours later.


5. Electronic Matching

Next, we begin searching our database and we keep searching that database constantly looking for pets that match the description of the one you have found. Our database automatically matches pets that have gone missing with pets that have been found. If our database spots two animals that potentially match, it sends an alert to you and an alert to the person who has lost the pet. You can then chat to one another to check if you have a match.

We offer the most comprehensive service in the country.
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We are experts at reuniting pets with their families.

So what are you waiting for? If you have found a pet, we can start hunting for their humans straight away. In five minutes, you will have the found posters you need, and we will have an industry alert sent out to all the pet lovers in your area. Let’s get started.

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