There's a lot of work involved in tracking down missing pets, so there are a few costs involved in using my services


Annual Registration

I strongly recommend registering your pets with me BEFORE they go missing, as a good search requires a lot of information, and it’s difficult to pull together this information when you’re worried about a missing pet.

My annual registration fee is $20.00 per pet.  This covers your pet for a full year, or part thereof.

Your annual registration includes regular reminders – I’ll contact you when your pet is due for their flea treatment, worming tablets, and annual trip to the vet.  Plus, I’ll make sure I remember their birthday and remember them at Christmas time.

Better still, 50% of your net registration cost is donated to organisations that help pets in need.

Lost Pet Alerts – Registered Pets

If your pet is already registered with me, you can activate a Lost Pet Alert for FREE if they go missing.   But, as with Pet Insurance, there is a 30 day stand-down period before you can access my FREE Alert service.  In the unlikely event that your pet goes missing within the first 30 days of their registration, my full Lost Pet Alert fee will be payable.

Lost Pet Alerts – Unregistered Pets

If your pet is not already registered with me, you can still activate a Lost Pet Alert.  The fee for searching for unregistered pets is $95.00.  This is a one-time cost: your search will remain active until your little friend returns home.  This cost includes a full year’s registration with me, so if they go missing again you will be able to activate a new Lost Pet Alert free of charge in the future.

Found Pet Alerts

You’ve already done a fantastic job of tracking down someone’s treasured friend, so I advertise all “Found” pets for FREE.

Inspector Spot