About Us

What do you get when you combine a Marketing Director with a Crazy Cat Lady? Inspector Spot!


Inspector Spot is the brainchild of Megan Denize – a Certified Pet Detective and Marketing Director who has worked with the largest companies in the world.  She has worked as a marketing consultant to petcare giants such as Nestle Purina and Mars Corporation, along with companies such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft over the last twenty years, all while fostering well over 100 animals in her spare time.

This blend of corporate marketing expertise, combined with extensive experience caring for lost and injured animals has given her a unique insight into the world of missing pets.  After fostering 54 lost cats and 35 orphaned ducklings, she realised that a lot of animals were going missing and simply not being reunited with their families.  While there were dozens of missing pet websites and Facebook pages scattered around the world, none of them were giving pet owners the precise combination of tools they needed to successfully locate their pets.  So, she set out to build a system that provided those tools quickly and easily.

The result is Inspector Spot – the world’s first virtual pet detective, and the most comprehensive system for finding missing animals anywhere in the world.


Megan is also the face of our YouTube Channel: Inspector Spot’s Life Hacks for Pet Lovers.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we release a new video tutorial to help keep your pets safe and happy, and help you out with all sorts of curly questions along the way.  You can subscribe to our channel over at www.youtube.com/inspectorspot

Inspector Spot